Friday, 17 August 2018

Meeting the Vodafone Warriors

Meeting the Vodafone Warriors     

On Monday the 13th of August the Year 4 to 8 went in the hall and saw 5 people from the warriors came their names were Tohu  Georgia Kiano David and Nate after they were telling us about themselves they told us their favourite chocolate we picked a name for our sides My team was called Nate is the best and the other team was called Warrior’s. We were playing games and Aqua was the first to spin the wheel she got Trivia  and then we started doing some warm up and while we were doing we played head and Tails and the last ones standing gets a vodafone warriors bracelet and after all the games we did we had a speech and georgia asked if we want the warriors to come back and nearly everyone wanted the warriors to come back and then we had to photo with the warriors and then we had a pray and then we were going to class and Tahliyah got a free warriors bag from Nat

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