Thursday, 12 April 2018

Fiafia photo

Hi This is my Photo that Mrs Buchanan took we have these cards because it is for our Fiafia Coach's

Friday, 6 April 2018

Wrybills at Risk

My Panda Story

Where: China
When: Last year
What: Pandas drinking
Who: Pandas

Once in a country called China  there was Baby Panda’s that was really hungry. So they were going inside going to the owner. So the owner was filling up the panda’s bowl. After when the owner who looks after the panda’s was drinking one panda had left because he was tried so he went to the owner and went to his bed. After when all the panda’s had finish the panda’s wanted to eat some food. So the owner had put some panda food in their bowl. After that she went back inside to eat dinner and go have a shower so early that morning the owner woke up and check on the panda’s and the panda’s were still asleep so the owner had to make them breakfast so once all of the panda’s had woke up they had went outside to go and eat breakfast so the first one to wake up was the one in the front row. So the owner had to wake up the others so that they could eat breakfast and go run around the field on the snow. After when they had eat they wanted to go inside but not outside because it was so so cold and when they got inside they wanted to go back to sleep because the owner had woke them up so early in the morning so that the owner had got them in bed and grabbed their blankets because it was cold and they couldn’t handle it and once the owner put the blanket on they were really comfortable so they had cuddle up and they had got really warm so in the afternoon they had woke up and had lunch they had healthy panda food. So once they woke up they wanted to play and run around the field.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Robot Rampage

Every weekend there was one job Hemi hated doing: mowing the lawns, He’d much rather be building his latest robot invention in the shed. That was it! What if Hemi could build a robot to mow the lawns? Hemi dad told hemi that the lawns had to be mowed this weekend and his big sister told him to do it but he said no. So Hemi had stayed up all night looking for some tools to make a robot so that hemi doesn't need to mow the lawns. Once Hemi had finished the robot he took the robot out of the shed and made it work and the robot had started to work and then it had mowed the lawn and hemi fell asleep and while the robot was finished mowing the lawn hemi woke up and the robot was gone.    

Hemi was so scared that the robot might of going somewhere far away from the house so hemi was so furious so hemi had done the biggest scream so his sister came out of the house and “said why did you scream” and he said nothing so he was so quiet so is dad came out with a suitcase with something inside. So Hemi asked his dad what is inside the suitcase but the dad had annoyed hemi. So the sister was laughing at Hemi then Hemi started crying and he told the sister that he didn’t like it. So he told the mum so hemi told the mum if she had seen a robot and the mum said yes and it just went past. So Hemi was following the track where the robot was going so he found it and the lawns was still not finished because he had forgotten the backyard so hemi was angry and so when it got to saturday Hemi dad ask if he had finish mowing the lawns. So hemi was trying not to lie but he said yes so hemi dad went to the backyard and when hemi dad was so angry because hemi dad needed the lawns to be short because hemi dad family is going to have a party. So Hemi was angry that he didn’t find the robot but when he got in his mum and dad room the robot was on the bed sitting down. So hemi was so so so proud that he had found the robot and then hemi took it outside and pressed the button so that it can mow the lawns and once it was finished the backyard the dad came out of the house to see if the backyard lawn was mowed. Next hemi dad paid him 200 dollars because hemi really wanted to get a playstation but it cost 200 dollars so hemi had gone to buy it…..


Thursday, 29 March 2018

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dictation race

Money money money precious found two gold coins on the field. Tristan found to silver coins on the court what a lucky day how much money could they have found?

They found 4$ 20c
So at the first precious found 3$
Then there was two 50c witch made 1 dollar
So the one dollar made 4$
And there was 20c left
That made the answer
Today we did the dictation race the first thing we did was to pick a partner i had Deborah as my partner the next thing we did was to pick who was going be the writer or the reader I was the the reader and Deborah was the writer Deborah went to go get her Chromebook then we got started.