Friday, 17 August 2018

Meeting the Vodafone Warriors

Meeting the Vodafone Warriors     

On Monday the 13th of August the Year 4 to 8 went in the hall and saw 5 people from the warriors came their names were Tohu  Georgia Kiano David and Nate after they were telling us about themselves they told us their favourite chocolate we picked a name for our sides My team was called Nate is the best and the other team was called Warrior’s. We were playing games and Aqua was the first to spin the wheel she got Trivia  and then we started doing some warm up and while we were doing we played head and Tails and the last ones standing gets a vodafone warriors bracelet and after all the games we did we had a speech and georgia asked if we want the warriors to come back and nearly everyone wanted the warriors to come back and then we had to photo with the warriors and then we had a pray and then we were going to class and Tahliyah got a free warriors bag from Nat

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

My Holiday

On my holiday on Tuesday July the 18th in the morning I had to get ready because I was going out with my boxing trainer and after a little while at 10:50 I went down to the gym and waited for her and she came at 11:00 she told me and my other friends. I got one niece and their names are Jayah, Izon, Syriah-Lee, and last but not least Rayin. Meanwhile we were off and we went to the gas station and i buyed Skittles and buble gum. After that we were off again and we went to botany and we went Lazer Tag and Ice Staking and at Lazer Tag at the end of it i came 4th place and my friend Syriah-Lee came first place Jayah came second and my Trainer came 3rd. After that we went back down stairs and went ice staking and while i was staking i went off and buyed me some stuff from the shop i buyed Coke a lollipop and a super twist and fruit burst. While i buyed my stuff i was waiting for Syriah-Lee order and when she got her order we went back to the chairs and we had a little drink of our drinks and then we got back to ice staking when the light came on we had to get off because some people were having races. After the race had finish we had to wait so our trainer can tell us what time we are going to go and we had to leave at 3:30 so we got back on and at 2:50 i got off because my legs were hurting so when i got the stakes off i took them back to the skate person and then i went back and put my shoes on and sit down and watch other people staking on the slipping ice. Next my trainer told my friend to tell the others to come out because we were going to have a feed. Finally they got their shoes off and they grabbed there stakes and took them to the stake person and then we got out and crossed the road and we went to Mac Donald's and ate lunch and then we went in the car and started playing I spy and we were getting hard ones and then we arrived back to the gym and my trainer went back home because she was tried and we were playing some games and me and Syriah were prisoners and we pretend to have bad stuff in my pocket.     

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Ace Family

The Ace Family is happy together Austin and Catherine have one daughter  and they love her very so Every Family's in the world need to be like this love each other never had a fight just be happy don't let your family down don't let yourself down be happy with your family

Being has a Family

Being has a family she loving each other helping each other helping your child help anyone in your family don't leave them in pain help and call the ambulance when there is something wrong and help your parents with stuff that they need done be has a family everyone in your family needs help and don't leave anyone out and ask them nicely if they want to play a game like Tag or Hide and Seek or Duck duck goose be a family don't be mean and don't be unkind be kind treat some how you want to be treated from other people 

Friday, 6 July 2018

Working together

Hi This is my worked and this is telling how we can work together and as you can see that there is a writing say how we can work together and listen to each other and by giving the person who is taking eye contact hope you enjoy it

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Move it art

Hi this is my art work and it is about the Move it Art

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Clay Club at the Art Gallery

On Friday the 29th of June in the morning the students in Clay-Club went on a trip to the Auckland Art Gallery and there was 33 people plus Mr Vogt and Whaea Kelly. Leylani and Luisa and I were at the back of the bus and we were waving at the people that was in the car and  people that was in the truck they waved back at us and we couldn’t stop waving at people and when we got to the city it was fun because we saw a lot of people in the city and they keep on looking at  the bus and when we were looking around we saw the Auckland Art Gallery and the bus driver stopped next to the Art Gallery and we grabbed our 3 yellow boxes with our lunchbox and with our water bottles.

Then we went with a person named Jasmine Te Hira inside the Auckland Art Gallery and we had to put the 3 yellow boxes in the cupboard and then we had to warm up and when we got inside the Art Gallery then we went inside and went into our two lines then we went up the stairs and we went to the cardboard houses and we went up the other stairs and when we got up we meet Nigel, Ikoa, Jasmine and we sang a song named Ko Te Whaea and EIhoa and someone said a Mihi and then Rosie said some kind words in Samoan. After that we started with our tour around the Art Gallery we were looking at the clay and this man who lives in Wellington did it 2 months ago and he started making clay at 1988 and after we looked at the clay we went into two lines and I and my friends and some people was in my line and I went with Mr Vogt to look around and some of the others were with Jasmine and we were looking around the Art Gallery and we went to the cardboard houses and we saw some people  that went to collage and we were talking to them and then we had to go because it was Morning tea and after morning tea we went to the special tree and it was slippery and i nearly slipped of the tree but i didn’t and i climbed up at the top and when i got to the top i saw people getting off then i got off the top and i went to the other side of the tree and i was faking that i needed help to get off and i was fake struggling and i got off and me Leylani and Nature were walking together and we were talking and then i ran to the stairs and i went to the side and then Leylani and Nature were following me. when i got to the end of the stairs i got out and then we had to go in two lines and i went to the water fountain and i got wet and my shoes was wet and my socks got wet and then i went in the line and Leylani and Nature kept on swapping lines and i looked and they started laughing then i started laughing.

Mr Vogt asked if anyone needed to go toilet and a lot of people went toilet and i went with Mr Vogt to get our 3 yellow boxes and i got one and i swapped with another girl and her one was heavy and i couldn't carry it and i gave it to someone else and i ran to the bus and i pushed in line and we had to high five Jasmine hand and i went to sit in the front and with Jasmine, Jerry, Luisa, Nature and Leylani and Luisa fell asleep and i was really tired and i couldn't stay awake and i fell asleep when we were singing and when we got to mission bay i woke up and i fell asleep again when we got passed the beach and i got up when we got to school and I got off and we showed Jasmine Makerspace and we gave her clay that we make it was a cup, bowl, and an ice block and we went to interview Jasmine and i got interviewed and i was nervous.