Thursday, 13 June 2019

The Time Traveller

If I were a Time Traveller.
If I were a time traveller I would see the future because I want to see what the future would be like I wonder if there was floating cars and talking bikes or scooters. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when I was  a little girl and see what I had been doing when I was a little girl to see what class I was in and what teacher I had when I was in school. If I were a time traveller I would travel back to change the past because I would want to change the time, the time would be 1:30am in the morning when I change it. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when my brother was little when he was in Samoa and what college he went to while he was a teenager I wonder if his college was so big that his college had stairs to go up and down to the office, hall and corridor. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when my dad was little in Samoa, I wonder if he had to do nearly all the chores, if I see what it was like I wonder if it had leaves all over the grass and that there were rock all over the concrete and that the back door was a way to get to the back house and what if there was a place for cooking outside. If I were a time traveller I would travel around the world I wonder if I mostly saw the ocean and some of the land and kind of the desert and I was above the sky it would be fantastic. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when Miss Tuia was little and she was in primary it would look like Miss Tuia had no glasses on she will still look amazing. If I were a time traveller I would travel again to the future and play around with the floating cars and one of the talking bikes or scooters, the floating cars would be colourful and the bikes and scooters will be the same colour as the floating cars and there would be a lot of golden robots that can help you find your stuff that you have lost they can help you if you ask them to help. If I were a time traveller I would travel back to when Miss Tia was young and in primary school with Miss Tuia I want to see if they were both in the same class and that they had taken photos with each other for photo day. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when my mum was so little that I want to see what school she went to and what college she went to. If I were a time traveller I would travel back to when I was little in kindergarten for my 5th birthday in kindergarten I wonder if my mum was at my 5th birthday at kindergarten. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when Miss Parrant was little and what primary school she went to I wonder what it looked like and I wonder what high school she went to I think it has an upstairs and downstairs, the upstairs would lead you either to the office, hall corridor or the back door. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when Miss Moala was little in america and what School she went to I think her school had stairs and art pictures on the wall when you walk straight in the door and I also wonder what high school she went to I think it had stairs and a cafe where you can eat with your friends. If I were a time traveller I would travel back when Jayah was little and how we met each other I wonder if we met when it was daylight or we met when it was nighttime.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Chapter 2 ( Lucky Charms going to unicorn school then going back home)

Chapter 2

On the next morning Lucky Charms woke up and went to Olivia house, Lilly was at Olivia house too Lucky Charms opened the door and went to Olivia and Lilly. As Lucky Charms went to Olivia and Lilly, Lucky Charms was telling them that she was going to unicorn school to learn magic and different things for unicorns when Olivia and Lilly heard that Lucky Charms was leaving they were sad but Lucky Charms didn't want to leave her two best friends but she had to leave because her little sister was going to unicorn school. Olivia and Lilly went to their parents and asked if they were allowed to go to unicorn school and they said " yes " and they were all happy that Lucky Charms is not going alone, Lucky Charms, Olivia and Lilly went to unicorn school and they all went to the same house to sleep in their house name was Rainbow Stars and Lucky Charms little sister had to go to the house named Moonlight where all the little other unicorn's was there and Lucky Charms little sister found her best friend, Lucky Charms was so surprised that even her her cousins went to unicorn school. Olivia went to her house and asked Lilly if they wanted to walk around, Lucky Charms wasn't going because she went to walk around with her cousins. Lilly was walking until she saw her sister and when Lilly went to her sister her sister had apologise to her and they walked around, but Olivia was all on her own and she had nothing to do so Olivia had packed her stuff and went to a different house to sleep in and her new house was Rainbow Jello and she was more happy in that house because no walked around all they were doing was playing games and another unicorn called Izzy welcomed her to her house, Izzy was the leader of that house, Izzy was very kind, Olivia was happy to move houses. Lucky Charms went back to her house and looked for Olivia and Lilly but she had noticed that Lilly went for a walk with her big sister but she doesn't know where Olivia went. Lucky Charms went to check every house she was checking and checking until she went to Rainbow Jello she went inside and she saw Olivia and Olivia was having so much fun, Lucky Charms was calling out to her Olivia looked but then she looked back to her game that she was playing. Lucky Charms was so sad that Olivia moved so then Lucky Charms went back to her house and packed all of her stuff and went back home. As Lucky Charms got home her parents asked her why she came back home but Lucky Charms never answered her parents Lucky Charms just went straight to her room and she was so sad as soon as Olivia rang her Lucky Charms never answer the phone Lucky Charms just went to sleep a few hours later Lucky Charms woke up and went out of her room and there she saw her cousins and she was happy but she will be more happy if Olivia was there. As soon as Lucky Charms said Olivia's name Olivia came out from the back of the unicorns and there she was Lucky Charms was so happy that she wanted to go back to unicorn school but she was more happy at home with her parents. Lucky Charms went out for a walk but she was hungry so Lucky Charms and Olivia ate before they left the house for their friendship walk, Olivia was telling Lucky Charms all the things that she did with Izzy Olivia told Lucky Charms that she is going back to unicorn school in a few weeks Lucky Charms wanted to go back but she didn't want to leave her parents. Lucky Charms biggest dream was to help her parents and help other unicorns that is out there but most of all she wanted to go to unicorn school but at the same time she wanted to stay home and help her parents but her parents said that she can go to unicorn school but she didn't want to so instead she let Olivia go and she can stay home and help her parents. When the moment came when Olivia had to go back to unicorn school Lucky Charms was so sad but at the same time she was happy to see her best friend to go unicorn school with all the our big unicorns like Lighting, Lighting is the girl that Lucky Charms had met when she was walking around with her cousins. Lucky Charms told herself that she can make new friends while Olivia is gone to unicorn school she is so happy for Olivia because Olivia had dreamed about going to unicorn school and when it was Olivia birthday she wished that she could go to unicorn school and it came true she was so happy that her dream came true. The next day Lucky Charms was feeling so sick she had a sore throat and she had a fever and she had to stay in bed all day she was not liking it but she was so happy that her parents were there to help her.

To be Continued 

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Lucky Charms the Unicorn ( Made up story ) Chapter one

Chapter One

On one sunny morning a unicorn named Lucky Charms was wondering around the beautiful forest she was so happy to see the birds chirping around her and squirrels getting acorns. As she was walking she saw her best friend named Olivia, Olivia was her best friend ever so then Lucky Charms ran up to her and said Hello Olivia said Hello back when they both said hello to each other they went for a walk while they were walking through the forest they were talking about sleepover's they were planning it all week. As it came to Saturday they had their sleepover Lucky Charms was going over to Olivia's house, Lucky Charms had packed a lot of stuff but Olivia told her that she didn't need a lot of things because Olivia has a lot of food at her house Olivia has a lot a boxes full with colour food. Lucky Charms quickly went back to her house and took some things out of her backpack Lucky Charms was taking so long because she needed help then Olivia went to her house and helped Lucky Charms they were so tired but then Olivia had an idea Lucky Charms can leave all her stuff here because Olivia had a bunk bed she was sleeping on it with her little sister but Olivia's sister went to her friends house to have a sleepover too. Lucky Charms was so excited for the sleepover but Lucky Charms didn't know what to eat for dinner but luckily Olivia told her what they are having for dinner they were having rainbow carrots with rainbow soup, Lucky Charms asked Olivia what they are having for dessert and Olivia said " Rainbow Cereal with colourful Pancakes" Lucky Charms was more excited for the sleepover. Olivia was Lucky Charms best friend ever. On the next day (Sunday) they were planning some things they should do together Lucky Charms had a really good idea she was thinking of having a picnic at 2:00 pm in the afternoon and Olivia had agreed with that, Olivia was thinking of what food to get for the picnic but Lucky Charms told her not to worry because Lucky Charms got it all sorted, Olivia and Lucky Charms went for the picnic at 1:30 pm in the afternoon they went to the river for the picnic and they was another unicorn at the river alone she was sad, so Olivia told Lucky Charms to see if the unicorn was alright but she wasn't she was so sad they asked why she was sad and she said because her big sister ran away from her then Lucky Charms asked what was her name and she said " Lilly " and Lucky Charms and Olivia said at the both time what a wonderful name. Lucky Charms asked Lilly if she wanted to be their friend and Lilly had agreed so they told her to come with them to their picnic for the picnic they had colour rings and colourful rainbow juice with the colour rings. Lilly was so glad she had new friends because she had never had friends she asked each unicorn but they said that she was no good for having friends but now she has helpful friends Olivia, Lucky Charms, and Lilly were all at Lucky Charms house and they were talking about the past, Lilly asked if they were friends ever since they were little and they both said yes it was like Olivia and Lucky Charms was sister's but they were not ever since they had met they both wanted to be sister's for their whole entire life they had wished it but it had never came true. The next day as they woke up they all noticed that they were still at Lucky Charms house but it was alright because their parents knew that they will be at Lucky Charms house, Lilly was hungry so Lilly went in the kitchen to look for the colourful rings to eat for breakfast but it look like that all the food was finish so instead they went to Olivia's house and there was a lot of food at Olivia house, Lilly was looking for the colourful rings but there was nothing so instead they were eating colourful bows. Colourful bows was Olivia's favourite cereal in the whole entire world they were eating until they were full.

To be continued 

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