Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lenge Maiava Milo

Hi my name is Leah and this is my cousin he is in America  and he plays NFL he is in Hospital because his leg and his name is  Lenge  Maiava Milo and he is part of my Dad's family and he got one brother and one sister they are Amo and Lisa.

Monday, 3 July 2017


this week in maths we are learning about tesseations.

Kapa haka


Beach - Free images on PixabayLooking out at the clear glistening blue water. I think to myself would this be a good idea. Before giving myself a chance to answer. I find myself jumping onto the slippery log. I skip from log to log. Splash slipping off the log i landed head first into the ice cold water with all my strength. I swim across the water back to the beach. What an adventure.

The Maori Village.

One day in 1868 there was a man with white hair holding a baby boy on his lap he was setting in the corner in front of the village and other people were cooking the hangi and people playing and i can hear little kids crying because a big person pushed the baby girl.

In 1868 there was one person doing the dishes and one big man holding the baby girl because the baby girl wanted to go outside and at nighttime a poor man came to the maori village because he wanted to have some food because his family was really really poor so he went to people houses so the people that was cooking the hangi gives some to the man so when the man grabbed the hangi he went back to his village to have the hangi.

In the morning the poor man came back from his village and told the village people if he could stay with them and the village people said yes so in went in the house and went sleep on the bed because he was tired of going to people’s village to look for food and in the afternoon he wake up and went outside to the lake with his fishing rod to catch some fish to cook for the village so he catched 45 fish for the village when he catched 45 he went back and grabbed some rock’s to cook the fish.

When he was cooking the fish his family was angry because every night he didn’t come home because he was staying with the maori village.

When it was nighttime the man went out of his family’s tent and went to the maori village and went to wake up his grandmother and his grandfather to take him to the samoa village because he wanted to stay away from his family.

So when he waked them up the went to the samoa village and stayed there until in the middle of the morning.

One day in 1868 there were 3 ladies walking down the village selling some hangi and kai, fish.

When the man was cooking the hangi, kai and fish the man’s grandmother came to say hello to see his wife and his baby girl and baby boy they were the same age and they were born on the same day they are 1 years old and they were crying because they wanted their mother but the mother was at the samoa village getting some baby food because they were samoan but they were just living in a maori village because the man’s wife got kick out of the samoan village.

When it was nighttime the mother did not went back to the maori village and so the baby’s was still crying and at 12:00 the mother came back and feed the baby’s so when the mother came back the baby’s stopped crying so when the baby stopped crying the man woke up and said’’ who is here and the mother said’’ it’s me i just came back she said.

When it was morning the whole family and village woke up and went outside and grabbed some rocks and cooked some hangi and went to the lake and catched some fish like 124 for the village and grabbed 124 rocks and cooked all the fish and grabbed 124 plates and put it on the ground and put the hangi and the fish on the plate and ate it when it was nighttime the village and the family took their plates and put it in the kichen.

When the whole village put their plates back in the kichen they went out and had some cake and ice cream because it was the baby girl and boy birthday and they turned 2 years old.

When the whole village went out the man and the woman took the baby’s.

the spider who wanted spot's

 This week my reading group Reptiles is reading about the spider who wanted spot's.

the Waka

In 1989 when i walked in the village i could smell some kai and kina and hangi and oyster on the hot hot rocks cooking.

I can see some big waves crashing on the rocks really really hard and onto the beach and when the waves came i saw some big waka’s coming down onto the beach to give some kina and some oyster and some kai for the village.

Then when i went near the people sitting down on the sand i could hear them talking and i could hear dog barking because he found something gold and sliver so the whole village went near the dog and said’’ the dog found something gold and silver and it was just a map that is old and that has an old gold and silver and so the whole village went back where they were again.

Then again i can hear some splashing waves and i can hear some big hard waves crashing and i can hear some two dog’s barking and it was really noisy because the village couldn’t hear the chief speaking of what they need to do when they are going out onto the ocean.

When the dog stopped barking the village could hear the chief talking so when the talking was finished they went on the waka and went out on the ocean.